Lalamove Promo Code For October 2021

MYR6 Discount

[Bookings Sitewide For New Users] Save MYR6 Discount Using Lalamove Promo Code

Save MYR6 Discount on your bookings using this Lalamove Coupon Code, with no minimum spend. Book now before the promo ends on 31.12.2021

Best Discount: MYR6 Discount

Voucher Valid Until: 31 December 2021

User Type: New Users

MYR25 Discount

[eWallet Top Up] Get MYR25 Rebate Using Lalamove Promo Code

Top up your Lalamove Wallet and get MYR25 Coupon, with a minimum spend of MYR500. Top up now before the offer ends!

Best Discount: MYR25 Discount

Voucher Valid Until: 20 March 2022

Minimum Purchase: MYR500

MYR15 Discount

Lalamove New User Voucher - Grab Up To MYR15 Discount X3

This promo code applies to new customers in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Penang. Book now before the offer ends soon!

Best Discount: MYR15 Discount

Voucher Valid Until: 31 October 2021

User Type: New Customers

MYR4 Only

[Return Trip Delivery] Enjoy Fees For Only MYR4 Using Lalamove Coupon Code

Get fees for MYR4 only when you choose return trip delivery using car or motocycle with this Lalamove discount coupon. Get this offer before it ends soon!

Best Discount: MYR4 Only

Voucher Valid Until: 28 March 2022

MYR5 Discount

[Sitewide Orders] Enjoy MYR5 Discount Using Lalamove Promo Code

Top up your Lalamove e-wallet and enjoy MYR5 discount, with a minimum top-up value of MYR200. Head over and book now before the offer ends!

Best Discount: MYR5 Discount

Voucher Valid Until: 25 March 2022

From MYR60

[Moving Services] Book Starting From MYR60 With Lalamove Promo Code

Use this Lalamove Promo Malaysia to rent a maving lorry from just MYR60. Head over to the app to try it now before the offer ends!

Best Discount: From MYR60

Voucher Valid Until: 03 April 2022

Just MYR140

[Bulk Deliveries] Enjoy Deliveries Up To 3000KG For Just MYR140 With Lalamove Coupon

Use this Lalamove Coupon Code, valid with no minimum spend. Book now before the offer ends!

Best Discount: Just MYR140

Voucher Valid Until: 02 April 2022

As Low As MYR20

[4x4 Pickup Truck] Book For As Low As MYR20 With Lalamove Code

Delivering heavy items? Book pickup truck using Lalamove and enjoy service fare for as low as MYR20, the price may change according to the location so hurry down to the app and get this promo now!

Best Discount: As Low As MYR20

Voucher Valid Until: 01 April 2022


[Lorry Delivery] Book Using This Lalamove Coupon Code

Grab 1-ton or 3-ton lorry to deliver bulky items or move house using this Lalamove promo, no code needed. Hurry down to the app and book it now!

Best Discount: Offer

Voucher Valid Until: 01 April 2022

User Type: All Users


[House Moving Servies] Book Today From MYR20 With Lalamove Code

Use this Lalamove Coupon to book a 4x4 truck delivery from just MYR20 today! Promo ends soon so BOOK NOW!

Best Discount: FROM MYR20

Voucher Valid Until: 01 April 2022

MYR10 Only

[4x4 Pickup Truck] Enjoy Door To Door Service For Extra MYR10 Only Using Lalamove Coupon Code

Use this Lalamove Coupon, valid with no minimum spend. Book now before the offer ends!

Best Discount: MYR10 Only

Voucher Valid Until: 31 March 2022


[Groceries] Get Essentials Delivered To You With Lalamove Voucher

Skip the traffic and let Lalamove shop the groceries for you! Get daily needs delivered to your home safely so try it today!

Best Discount: Promo

Voucher Valid Until: 31 March 2022

User Type: All Users

As Low As MYR4

[Multi-Stop Deliveries] Book For Your Businesses With Lalamove Voucher

Deliver items easily to your customers using Lalamove scheduled delivery and grab the affordable service for as low as MYR4. Get this offer before it ends!

Best Discount: As Low As MYR4

Voucher Valid Until: 30 March 2022

Try It Now

[Same Day Delivery] Seize Affordable Service Using Lalamove Promo Code

Try same-day delivery service using Lalamove Malaysia and deliver various items such as small parcels, foods, documents, and many more. Use this discount voucher today!

Best Discount: Try It Now

Voucher Valid Until: 30 March 2022

User Type: All Users

MYR5 Only

[Door-To-Door Delivery] Snag Service For An Extra MYR5 Only Using Lalamove Voucher

Pay an extra MYR5 only to enjoy door-to-door delivery with this Lalamove coupon. This voucher is applicable for car delivery and items below 40kg. Use this coupon now!

Best Discount: MYR5 Only

Voucher Valid Until: 29 March 2022


[Extra Discounts] Download The Lalamove App Today!

Install the App to enjoy seamless booking and real-time tracking for your delivery. Plus, enjoy extra discounts with special app-only promo codes so download it today!

Best Discount: Deals

Voucher Valid Until: 28 March 2022

User Type: All Users

24/7 Delivery

[24/7 Delivery] Try Now With Lalamove Malaysia Code

Use the Lalamove App and book your deliveries at any time! Try it out today!

Best Discount: 24/7 Delivery

Voucher Valid Until: 28 March 2022

Food Delivery!

[Food Delivery] Try Out Now Using Lalamove Voucher

Use this Lalamove Coupon to enjoy speedy delivery on your meals! Use the Lalamove app now before the offer ends!

Best Discount: Food Delivery!

Voucher Valid Until: 27 March 2022

Try Now!

[Instant Delivery] Book Now Using Lalamove Code Malaysia

Send or deliver small size items using Lalamove Malaysia at an affordable delivery rate, download the app today!

Best Discount: Try Now!

Voucher Valid Until: 27 March 2022

Just MYR5

[Delivery Services] Book Services From Just MYR5 With Lalamove Malaysia

Use this Lalamove Promo Code with no minimum spend required! Promo ends soon so BOOK NOW!

Best Discount: Just MYR5

Voucher Valid Until: 25 March 2022

Get the Latest Lalamove Promo Code & Coupons

Experience the leading same-day delivery service provider in Malaysia. Lalamove Malaysia offers an affordable delivery experience that promises fast service, quality drivers, safe and secure payment and excellent 24/7 customer service. Browse through our coupons page to discover the latest Lalamove promo code and Lalamove promos for your convenience. The types of promotions you can expect to find are delivery discounts, new and existing users, promotional campaigns and more. Book a driver now on the Lalamove app today to enjoy these amazing discounts on your next item delivery.

How to Redeem Lalamove Promo Code Malaysia

  1. Open the Lalamove website or app to make your delivery request
  2. Before payment, find a relevant Lalamove promo code on our coupons page you can use.
  3. Copy the code and apply it at checkout to enjoy the discount.

Lalamove App

Download the Lalamove app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and gain instant access to the latest Lalamove promos and Lalamove promo codes for extra savings on your next delivery. With the app, expect a fast and reliable delivery service that instantly connects you with the nearest delivery partners in your area. From motorcycles, cars, vans and lorries, discover high-quality services from professional drivers at any time of the day. Moreover, the app also features real-time GPS tracking for your deliveries and ensures a seamless and secure payment with the Lalamove e-wallet. You can also make multi-stop orders, view driver ratings and get e-receipts for your payment. Hurry and download the app and redeem our exclusive Lalamove promo code to save 20% off your first order.

Lalamove Vehicles

Lalamove provides a wide range of vehicles for your convenience. Deliver any type of packages in different shapes and sizes at affordable prices. Here is a list of vehicles you can book which includes its accepted parcel weight and dimension:

Vehicle Type

Parcel Weight (kg)

Parcel Size Dimension (cm)



36 x 36 x 36



50 x 50 x 50

Pickup (4x4)


120 x 91 x 91



170 x 115 x 115

1-Ton Lorry


275 x 152 x 152

3-Ton Lorry


427 x 220 x 213

Lalamove’s Buy4U Service

Other than delivery service, Lalamove delivery partners can help be your own personal shopper. Introducing Buy4U, you can now order food from your favourite restaurant or get essential goods like groceries, medical supplies, personal care products and more and have them delivered right to your doorstep. This service is only available for motorcycle and car delivery with a surcharge of MYR4 and MYR10 respectively. Below is a simple guide on how to use Lalamove’s Buy4U Service:

  1. Select a vehicle (either motorcycle or car).
  2. Enter the name of the shop you wish to buy your items from and its location.
  3. At “Additional Services”, choose the “Buy4U” option.
  4. List down the items you would like to purchase.
  5. Place your order and track its progress until it reaches right at your doorstep.

Kindly note that Lalamove delivery partners will shop and pay for your items in advance. Therefore, you are required to reimburse with cash once the items are successfully delivered to your doorstep. Please request any proof of payment for the reimbursement amount.

Lalamove Insurance Coverage

Experience a more secure delivery process with Lalamove insurance coverage. Purchase insurance coverage for your deliveries from as low as MYR4. The insurance coverage promises excellent protection against loss or damaged delivery goods. You can also enjoy the flexibility to choose an insurance coverage starting from MYR4 up to MYR200 depending on the vehicle and value of your delivered goods. This service does not require you to subscribe to a monthly insurance subscription, you can just add it on your order whenever you need it. If in the unfortunate event that your item has been damaged, stolen, destroyed or is lost, download the Lalamove insurance claim form to make your claim. If you have any inquiries, kindly contact Lalamove’s insurance hotline at 1-800-883-226.

Lalamove Promo

Lalamove promotions are introduced from time to time, all-year-round. Keep your eyes out on amazing deals such as:

New Year Promotion: Enjoy 20% off all deliveries with no minimum spend.

First-Time User Promotion: Get MYR10 off your first delivery by motorcycle or car.

11.11 Promotion: Save MYR15 off deliveries by lorry & 50% off deliveries by motorcycle.

12.12 Promotion: Redeem 15% off all deliveries for big and small packages.

Buy4U Promotion: Grab up to MYR10 off delivery for Buy4U services.

Lalamove Promo Code Requirements

Lalamove promo codes are subject to terms and conditions. Kindly check the requirements needed if your code is not working. Some of the possible reasons could be:

If none of these reasons applies, the Lalamove coupon code is more likely to be fully redeemed or has expired. For further assistance, please contact Lalamove’s Help Centre at 03-76886555 or write an email to

Lalamove Frequently Asked Questions

What payment options does Lalamove accept?

Lalamove Malaysia accepts self-payment using Cash on Delivery, Lalamove wallet credit, FPX payment, credit card or payment given by the recipient.

How much does Lalamove charge?

Lalamove offers a flat rate as low as MYR5 and any additional charges will be added after the first 5km depending on the type of vehicle you have chosen. An extra charge from MYR2 up to MYR20 will also be added for any additional stops. Fees for additional services such as delivery insurance, loading services, door-to-door services, cancellation fees and special requests will also be charged accordingly.

How to cancel a Lalamove order?

To cancel a Lalamove order, tap on “Cancel Order”. A cancellation fee may be charged if the cancellation is made 5 minutes after being matched to the driver and/or after the Driver arrives at the pickup location.